My Priorities

Opportunities Act

Government Transparency & Reform
  • I support a full review of every current NC law
    • Every year we hear a new story of an archaic law being used to circumvent justice. As we pull back the curtain, we find more and more instances where outdated laws allow for legal loopholes. I am calling for a full review of every law North Carolina currently has active so that we can close these loopholes, and correct any overly broad language that removes its original intent. To put it in perspective, for decades a poorly written law made it so that once a female gave sexual consent, she was not able to revoke it legally, thereby allowing a defendant of sexual assault an unjust and unintended defense. Once this came to light it took another 5 years to get the Legislature to act and correct it.
  • If elected, no bill will be voted on by myself without first making it public through my office website, as well as giving you the opportunity to review it and comment. Bills affect us all and should never be voted on without first being seen by those it stands to effect.
  • I will introduce new legislative procedure that would require a set amount of time for review before a bill could be voted on & put a more strict timeline requirement on voting procedure.
    • Over that past several Legislation sessions we have seen a growing trend of politicians wanting to treat important bill votes more like a reality show. Bill votes should never be rushed (with the exception of decisions needing to be made in extreme circumstances such as during a natural disaster).
    • I pledge to submit a bill that requires that a set amount of time would be required for review, based on the length of the bill, before a vote can be set. This bill would also set a new standard that would put a maximum time limit and/or number of times a vote can be placed on the calendar before a bill and/or veto override can sit before having to redo the process as a whole, or in the case of veto override, have the veto stand. Think of this much like a statute of limitation clause.
  • I support a line item veto for the Governor
    • North Carolina is one of only 6 states that don’t allow our Governor any form of line item veto. Line item veto power would allow the Governor to veto particular lines or clauses of a bill without having to veto it in its entirety. The majority of North Carolinians support such a power that would give a Governor the ability to remove wasteful spending from a bill they could otherwise support and pass. It would also help eliminate the trend of adding items to bills that aren't related to the body of the bill.
    • To protect against abuse of power I propose including such language that only allows for veto of entire lines or passages of text.
  • I support and look to introdue The Clean Bill Act
    • We see far too many bills still under current rules that have pork barrel spending attached that not only would never pass on its own merit, but has nothing to do with the original bill. This is why I support a Clean Bill Act that would eliminate omnibills.
    • This act would also serve to remove much of the budget gridlock we routinely see, and guarantee that every bill must pass standing on its own merit. Under this act, voters will know exactly what it was that their elected officials voted for or against. If a bill isn't good enough to pass free standing it most likely isn't needed by North Carolina or our people.
  • I support term limits for the General Assembly
    • Politics was never meant by our founding fathers to be a lifetime career. We have term limits for our Executive branch as it stands. By not having the same for the Legislative, we are offsetting the system of checks and balances.
    • There should be term limits that limit an individual to 12 total years to be used between the House & Senate as you choose. This would be a lifetime limit instead of a consecutive limit
  • I support a NC Constitution Amendment to change Governor Term
    • When ratified in 1971 the NC Constitution limited the Governor to two consecutive 4-year terms in office. What most aren't aware of is that it isn't a lifetime limit. A governor currently could serve 8 years leave for a 4 year term and again run for Governor. I propose changing this from consecutive to lifetime.
Infrastruture Innovation
  • I support the expansion of broadband (high speed) internet
    • We must immediately overturn the law that limits broadband growth by companies such as Green Light. Limiting company growth in underserved areas based on city limits or county borders, guarantees that telecom corporations do just enough to keep their monopolies.
  • I support recognizing internet as a utility
    • High speed internet must no longer be treated as a luxury but as a utility and allowed to expand just as electricity did in rural areas before it. Using the model in place by electric co-ops the same can be implemented for high speed internet.
  • I support targeted & strategic investments in the following to help revitalize rural economies & communities:
    • water/sewer
    • agriculture innoation
    • biofuels & clean energy options such as wind/solar/wave
    • highway system
  • I support burying all utilities including electrical lines
    • It is beyond time that we invest in burying all electrical lines to protect and thus save us money from storm damage in the long term while also increasing public safety.
  • I support increasing access to public transportation
    • If we want to continue to grow business development in our state, we have to address the lack of public transportation. Public options need to be available that connect our business hubs together.
    • We need to start studying the best means of public transportation to meet our growing needs including the possibility of rail and public/private partnerships with companies such as Uber to develop new public transportation opportunities
  • Main street revitalization is key to growing corporate and small businesses, creating 21st century jobs & securiting prosperity.
Growing Our Economy

Education Reform

Statewide Tax Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

Protecting Our Constitutional Rights